It's one of those words that sounds so easy to answer, but can cause so many problems, and in the long run makes you really think about what you carry around with you.

Camera: Nikon D5000 

The easiest item to reply about is what camera you have. Now I'm sorry I've grown up using Nikons, and when it came to the point where I was going to buy my own DSLR, as we had so many beautiful Nikon lenses around, it seemed only right to get a Nikon. 

One quote my dad has told me: "You change your camera body all the time, but you keep the lenses", and from what I have learnt over the years, he is right, the lenses stay, they're incredible for what they do, but the bodies change so much with technology, you change them as you would your mobile phone or computer.

I did use to have a Nikon D70s, but I successfully dropped this into a natural pool while shooting my brother posing in a waterfall.


• Primary: Nikkor 18-55mm (AF-S, Kit lens) 

• Primary: Nikkor 35mm 1.8G (AF-S) 

• Telephoto: Tamron 70-300 (AF) 

• Wide: Sigma 10-20mm (HSM) 

• Other: Nikkor 50mm (AF)


Computer: iMac (2007), Macbook Pro(2009) 

The next on the list to talk about is the computer you use to edit/store your photos (Sorry film photographers, I have yet to find someone to teach me film, so will get to that at some point in life) 

Why Mac? 

Most people have a go at me for owning a Mac, most of all my ex-girlfriend's father; this is mostly due to the fact that people have the notion that Apple "lock down" the Operating System (OS); I beg to differ. 

I have grown up using Windows, and have Windows servers, then about 6 years ago I moved to Ubuntu, favouring the open sourceness, and the raw power of using the terminal. 

When I went to Canada, my friend had a MacBook, at this point I would have burnt it, but he showed me a few small things on it, such as the Terminal, and iPhoto. I was sold, and I have since used Macs all the time. 

I do have windows computers, and Ubuntu/Unix servers still, but my primary OS is Mac.


Mobile Device(s): Apple iPhone 4 (GSM), Apple iPad (1st generation) 

Usually, this isn't something that people ask about; but I have recently noticed how much these devices help me with my photography, be it an App that tells me the exposure level and f-stop I should be at, or a lovely 9.7 inch screen to display to a client their photos. 

In the long run, these devices have helped me a lot. And I highly recommend them to any photographer.



• Primary: Cobra Eclipse 30 

• Light: Slik 300

There will be more to come, but as I'm not fully home yet, I'll get more info when I get there.