One issue I have come across recently in Wordpress is when you're on a specific page, be it the author page, or a custom post-type, it's very hard to change the selected menu item in the header, it is always the main posts page (in my case, usually blog).

What are asynchronous Images, and why would I want to use it in my app?

In Xcode you can use NSLog to display information from your app without it distrupting the actual UI of the app.

Recently I wanted to add rounded corners directly to an UIImage, I couldn't use a UIImageView, as this requires maskToBounds = YES; on, and as I had shadows in use, I couldn't set this.

Recently I had the need to set my Macbook's wifi from terminal, hidden away in the private frameworks is this command:

Recently when working on an XCode project we had set the background colour to groupTableViewBackgroundColor, which on an iPhone produces a pinstriped background, and works well. This background is the same one as used on UITableViews.