For those of you who have not been on the internet for a while, there is a new (paid, but better) alternative to Twitter, which is, or ADN. You can find me on it under @danc.

The best way I have found to display videos in iOS using Xcode is using a MPMoviePlayerViewController.

First off, in your .h (header) file add the following:

MPMoviePlayerViewController *myMovie;

Working at Attitude Design, some of the designs I get have lovely crisp text, which I could never properly replicate.

Usually if you want to hide the keyboard, you click anywhere else on the view, the action that happens at this point is -(void)touchesBegan:(NSSet *)touches withEvent:(UIEvent *)event or if you're using something along the lines of a UIScrollView, you'll need to set up a TapGesture. Once you've c

To force your app to be landscape only:

Following on from my earlier post I have now updated the code to reflect the changes in wp_nav_menu(), basically it is still the same, add this section into your functions.php: