A while back, and very early on in doing iOS development, I realised that sometimes the Network Indicator doesn't cut it when you want to tell the user that you're loading something.

For this reason, I created (what is quite common in apps) a loading view, that looks like the item below:

You can customise the text, and update it as your download updates (or as you finish a segment of your function).

The basic functions are:

+(void)OBTshowLoading:(UIView *)view withText:(NSString *)text;
+(void)OBTshowLoading:(UIView *)view;
+(void)OBThideLoading:(UIView *)view;
+(void)OBTupdatetext:(NSString *)text forView:(UIView *)view;
+(void)OBTupdatetext:(NSString *)text andWidth:(CGFloat)width andLines:(int)lines forView:(UIView *)view;


The UIView you supply would be your controlling view, such as self.view or self.navigationcontroller.view.

As you can see, you would call this by typing:

[loadingView OBTshowLoading:self.view];

Optionally, you could specify the text (as default, it says "loading...") like so:

[loadingView OBTshowLoading:self.view withText:@"My Text"];

Once you have finished whatever you were loading, you can then close the view, by typing:

[loadingView OBThideLoading:self.view];

I am constantly updating this library to finetune how it works, and tinker with existing settings, I will attempt to update this page as I update it.

This was last updated 7th May 2014.