Apple Developer Portal still down, 6 days and counting

Update: Apple Developer Portal back up, 8 days later

Just under a week ago, the Apple Developer Portal went down, apparently for maintenance[1]. News then hit tech websites that actually the site had been hacked, this was distributed by Apple, via email (in batches) to developers. I received mine on the Friday morning, but the developer account at Attitude Design came through on Tuesday.

For my own iOS projects, and even at Attitude, I use TestFlight to distribute 'beta' (or sometimes, b2b) apps to devices (up to 100 devices per year).
But to be able to put new apps on TestFlight, or even just update existing apps to allow more devices to see the app, I need to be able to access the ADP, to be able to add devices to the 'provisioning profiles'.

This is fine to an extent, it is out of my control, it is not something I can fix myself, and I just need to pass this on to my clients, however i some cases we & others need to get apps out on a mission critical deadline[2] and because of the ADP being down, we could easily miss these deadlines.

Any thoughts on when Apple will allow access back into the ADP?

I am aware from the actual website that they are not only 'fixing' the hack, but also upgrading the systems they have. They are terribly out of date, some areas date back to when the iPhone was first released. I am presuming this is the first time that there has been enough of a disruption to actually upgrade these areas.
Apple talks about transparency, and that is why they told us about the hack. But it would be good to know how much time is left on the updates.