Apple Developer Portal back up, 8 days later

The ADP which had been down for 8 days, is finally coming back online[1]. Today they have allowed access to the following services:

The main one that most developers will have needed access to is the first one, Certificates, Identifiers and Profiles. This will allow developers to send out new versions of apps to the AppStore, and also for testing by their various development teams. For myself at Attitude, this now means we can send apps out that are used specifically for b2b.

The only other 'main' area for me as a developer, is not yet out. It is beta 4 of iOS 7. Currently this has still not been released. Apple's standard release cycle for this is every other Monday, last monday would have been the beta 4 release date.

Because of the hack[2], I feel that Apple will either release beta 4 later today, or next Monday. They can't really leave it any longer because this will push back the final release of iOS 7, which is due in "the fall".

Edit: Apple have now released beta 4.