ADN Wedge app feature requests

For those of you who have not been on the internet for a while, there is a new (paid, but better) alternative to Twitter, which is, or ADN. You can find me on it under @danc.

There is a Mac OSX app to use ADN with, called Wedge, it is in beta, and at the time of writing the devlopers are at version 0.4.1.

After discussing with some other users on ADN I have realised I want to either make a note of, or submit some features/bugs/changes to the app, so this post is a list of them so far.

  1. The plus in the top right that confuses me the most.. coming from twitter, I'm thinking, okay is this to make a 'list'? Add a new user? I know it's in the same place as Tweetbot (e.g.) but just (mentally) confuses me!
  2. The icons don't seem to fit in, and are too large
  3. The icons also seem to be bitty (compared with the likes of Tweetbot etc)
  4. Images are critically important in any social network, but currently ADN does not have support for images (unlike Twitter) I know this is a problem with ADN, but companies like Tapbots with their ADN client Netbot do support a variety of image services (such as Instragram, and not only that, but support for Youtube too. This is down to experience in building Tweetbot, but it is crucial.
  5. Odd spacing around usernames compared with the attached message..unneeded whitespace
  6. Odd support of header images (they stretch vertically if you hit the rubberbanding)
  7. Drag and drop support of images (and maybe files in general?)

More will be to come, if you have any yourself, or you think any of the items are probably working as expected, please leave a comment, or message me on ADN.