Moving Hosting


I've been with RackSpace UK for around 10 years now, and as much as I love them there are some issues.

Since Christmas, one of my domains has been hit by about 2,071 different connections per minute, not a lot you may think, but it slowly started to overload my server until it crashed. I upgraded the server, and it again crashed.

Recent DDoS


Sorry for the recent downtime, we have been hit quite hard by a DDoS which we cannot pin down. We have managed to block most of it (at the time of writing, we are still getting hit, so sites may still be a bit slow).

One 'virus' that some of my clients (and friends!) have had recently is a redirect issue.

Recently, I have spotted that I have been creating long if statements, and the amount of code needed for a simple "if this, then show that text, else show that text" seems to be way too high, for such a simple if statement, especially if it is included within a echo.